Working procedure of Power door lock on Vehicle?

Power door locks are also known as electric door locks.
There are basically two types of vehicle doors.Manually operated and Automatically operated.
Power door locks are Automatically operated doors.This doors close and opens via Key-less entry remote.This remote functions/operates via Key-fob.The key fob is a small device with few operating buttons on it.You can lock/unlock car doors with this key fob from small distance( A small range outside the vehicle).
In this system there are few components which are
1) Door lock Actuator.
2) Switches.
3) Wiring's and connections.
4) A circuit breaker.

This system works by this simple procedure as follows :---
The control switch is connected to the 12 volt power source of the car through a circuit breaker.
The voltage is sent to the actuator by using a control switch.

If you notice that your power door lock is not operating,then first thing to be checked is battery.This battery is located in the remote key fob.First replace this battery and check.In most cases battery gets low and door will not get signal from remote,replacing the batteries will help.
But if replacing the battery is not helping,then its quite possible that problem is door lock actuator or issue with key-fob remote itself.
If all doors are not working with remote then ,its problem with remote key fob or the key fob needs to be reprogrammed by car dealer or by remote user manual instructions.
But if one or 2 side doors are not working and other two doors are getting operated by remote,then problem is short in door wrings or door lock actuator,which has to be replaced.
If every thing checks out ok,then its faulty door switch or door operating motor.Which you have to test with volt meter or 12 volt testing.
This details will help.

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