How to test cars Alternator?

The alternator is one of the important part of the car.When alternator gets faulty,the cars battery will not get charged,while car is running.Alternator controls the cars charging system.If alternator overcharges then electrical components like wiring's and bulbs will get burned/overheated and problem will occur.To confirm this alternator needs to be tested,before replacing it.
To test alternator you need voltmeter.In voltmeter there are two terminals.Red and black.Now with the help of meter connect red lead of voltmeter to positive terminal of car battery and connect black terminal of voltmeter to negative terminal of car battery.Once connected,start the engine,dont drive.Start engine and let it idle.The volt meter should show voltage of 13.7 to 14.5.Now ask some one to rise the RPM and then notice the voltage.The voltage regulator is inbuilt part of alternator in most of the cars.So to replace voltage regulator,you need to replace the alternator.
This test will help you to confirm the problem with alternator.Whether to replace it or not.

Always buy original car parts or branded car parts,instead of local non branded auto parts from local car parts store.Branded parts are costly,but they last long.
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