P0304 Error code on Dodge Neon?

OBD code P0304 is indicating towards cylinder misfire.
The last number of the code is 4,this 4 indicates check cylinder number 4.If the last digit of error code P0304 is P0303 then inspect cylinder number 3.In case if code is P0300,this does not indicate any particular cylinder,in that case you need to check all the cylinder.
But as the code is P0304,then cylinder number 4 has to be first inspected.
Your next step will be to do a compression test on the #4 cylinder and also a leak-down pressure test.This tests will help you to confirm the problem.
If cylinder checks out ok, then other possibilities are faulty coil pack,problem with spark plugs or issue with oxygen sensor or it can also be the problem with intake manifold.
Getting this possibilities checked will help you to confirm the problem.


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