Ignition timing marks for 1990 Dodge Omni 2.2 TBI engine?

Don't let the timing mark loose.Once its lost the alignment is very difficult.Its takes lots of time to re-align.
Always mark the points before dis-assembly, so it makes easy while reassembly.

But still if you have lost the ignition timing marks then to realign,this points will help.

On dodge omni 2.2l the timing marks are located under a round cover on the bell housing.
The bell housing is on the other end of the engine and has a cover that a magnetic timing probe can be used through.
The timing on this engine (2.2 TBI) is about 12 degrees.
it is on the back of the engine above the transmission. The spec is 12 degrees.
For exact location of timing window on the bell housing.
If you look down at the split between the transmission and the engine the timing window is cut in the top of the transmission housing with the timing scale cast in. This is not on the belt end of the engine it is the other end.
The mark that moves so you can line it up with the timing scale is on the flywheel/flexplate on the back of the engine
If you were to look straight at the back of the engine the window is at the 1 oclock position on the transmission bell housing.
This above mentioned details will help.

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