Car will not come out of Park?

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There are many car users,facing this problems.
Car starts ,but will not shift to gears or come in drive or go in reverse.It just stays in park mode.
First, check to make sure your brake lights are coming on when you press the brake pedal. This sounds strange, but the brake light curcuit is what powers the shift interlock safty solenoid. That is the solenoid that makes it impossable for a child to shift out of park without pressing the brake pedal first. If the brake lights don't work then you will need to check the fuse for the brake lights first. If that is OK then you will need to do some diagnostics on that circuit.
If the brake lights are working;It can be the interlock solenoid inside the shifter assembly, or something mechanical.Check you owners manual for instructions on relesing the interlock manually so you can drive the car. It is usually a small slot or pin hole next to the shifter that you can insert a small pin or something and press down to release the shifter. I wouldn't recommend driving the car if the brake lights are not working.

this details will help.Thanks.
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  1. Godge charger does not shifting from park
    But all bleak light working, gaer fluid ok. Pressing unlock shifter all not shifting