Dodge Caravan Heater Blower Blows Cold air?

Heater blower working,but it blows cold air.
This problem is noticed by many dodge vehicle users.
There are few possibilities that can cause this problem.
1) Problem with thermostat.
2) Problem of clogged heater core/ heater hoses.
3) Faulty water pump.
4) Low coolant in the system.

First check the coolant in the system,if its low, then yes this definitely the cause of problem.
In some cases while starting the vehicle, you will hear hissing or swoosh noise under the instrument panel.This noise occurs due to air in the coolant system.
swoosh could be caused by air in the system or a restricted heater core.
If the coolant is low it will cause poor heat and the swooshing type noise.

But if coolant level is checked ok and you hear no hissing or swooshing type noise under the control panel.Then thermostat is the other possibility.Thermostat is not a costly part to be replaced,many of the car users directly replace this part,when they notice cooling/heating issues on cars/trucks.But still before replacing thermostat you can confirm,whether its the problem.
The role of thermostat is to allow coolant to circulate when engine is warmed.When the engine gets cold, the thermostat gets closed and stop the coolant flow.
Now to confirm whether thermostat is faulty or not,try this simple procedure.
There are two heater hoses.When the engine gets warm,both this heater hoses should get warm.
You warm the car,but dont let it over heat.Then turn off the engine,now inspect both hoses,by touching them.Be careful,this hoses will be hot to touch.So just quickly touch and see,if both hoses are getting hot, then thermostat is not the issue.But if one hose is hot and another is cold to touch,then problem is thermostat and it has to be replaced.
This hoses are called upper hose and lower hose.Upper hose is at the top of radiator and lower hose is at the bottom end of radiator.

If you notice that thermostat is functioning properly, then issue is with heater core.Its getting clogged.Or its faulty.
So first try cleaning the heater core and see,if it helps.
If not then heater core has to be replaced.

For the heater core you need to remove both heater hoses at the firewall then use a garden hose to flush the core from both tubes so you will be flushing it out in both directions.
See the diagram show below:---


But if heater code is properly cleaned and nothing is getting clogged, then its major problem.
Its faulty water pump issue.
This is not a simple task to do it yourself.Its a professionals job.
Waterpump impeller slipping on the shaft and causes this problem.
Before suspecting the waterpump changing the thermostat and flushing the core is your best option
To remove and replace water pump or to inspect water pump failure,the coolant fluid in the reservoir has to be drained.
Total capacity of coolant is 13.5 quarts.If your van has a rear heater add 2.9 Quarts.If you drain and fill you will lose less.This is because some coolant will be still in the system.

This troubleshooting possibilities will help you to confirm the problem,before replacing any parts without diagnosing the exact problem.
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  1. My heater stopped blowing warm air, power steering went out, and battery light came on all at the same time. Any idea what the problem could be?