Bolt size for Power Steering Unit on Buick Regal?

This Bolts go through the bracket to the motor.
They are coarse thread bolts on older model Buick's.
And the size of bolt is 3/8 and its length is basically 3/4 of a inch longer than what is needed to go through the bracket.

This bolts are many a times very tight to be removed.This happens due to rust getting collected on the bolt side and its threads.In that case apply rust remover spray or you can use wd-40 spray on the sides of the bolt.Let it remain for 10 minutes,then try to loose the bolt.But if its still not getting loose then bolt needs to be drilled out or bolt has to be cut and then remaining side of bolt is pushed out by using hammer,but that will be difficult task.Try drilling if possible.
This will help.Thanks.

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