AC cool air enters only the passenger compartment even with the heat control turn all the way?

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This problem is noticed on many car models.The AC cooling lines are cold,but heater hoses are hot to touch.
Fan blower also works,but cool air will not be noticed on driver side,it only comes to passenger side.
This basically  "blend" door problem, this door moves back and forth inside the air cting between the hot heater core and the cold AC core, it either shuts one core off or blends the air between the tow cores to get the desired air temperature at the outlets set by the driver or passenger. To replace this defective door and its electronically controlled stepper motor requires the dash be removed from the car. This is a HUGE job. You must have great repair skills and a factory repair manual.The heater hoses and AC lines should be hot and cold, that is normal.But Air not coming to driver side and only comes to passenger side,this is blend door motor problem.
This details will help,you to troubleshoot and repair the problem.Thanks.

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