Car overheats and Air blows Hot at idle?

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Many car users notice such odd problems.The car over heats when at idle and temperature gauge rises to high.But when car is running,the car is normal,as well as the temperature.
Sounds like your cooling fans on the radiator are not working. The fans are activated by a thermol switch on the engine or radiator reading the coolant temperature and an A/C switch. When the coolant is too hot the fans should activate cooling the system down. And, when the A/C is on the fans should also activate in order to cool the condensate so the A/C would work.
When you are driving, the movement of the vehicle throught he air is providing enough air flow to keep things cool and functional.
I would check the radiator fan fuse or fuses first. If those are OK I would try to run the fans with 12 volts and a ground that I supply just to see if the fan motor(s) actually run when powered. If the fan don't run when powered then the fans are bad and will need to be replaced. If the fans do run when you power them manually, then something is not allowing the power to activate, like a relay, control unit, or wiring.
It will take a little diagnostics, but it is not too difficult to chase it down.This basic troubleshooting details will help you.

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