Both headlight bulbs blow together?

Headlight bulbs are shorting out,this is basically the reason why this bulbs blows out.When non branded bulbs are used ,they don't last long,but here the issue is different,both bulbs blowing out together,same time.
In case the voltage supplied to bulb needs to be inspected.Basically car charging system is battery and battery is controlled /charged by Alternator.Alternator is the parts which supplier regulates the voltage to cars charging system.
In this cases cars alternator and voltage supplying regulator needs to be tested.
The voltage should not go higher than 14.5 volts, if the voltage continues to rise beyond the max limit the voltage regulator has failed and needs to be replaced

For testing alternator/voltage regulator:---

How to test cars Alternator?

Click the link below for details:---

If the alternator is tested faulty,then replace the alternator,then see if headlights are blowing out,if yes then most possibly is short in wiring's from headlight bulbs to headlight switch OR its faulty head light switch.

Getting this possible components inspected and tested will help.

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