Engine quits running while driving on 1991 Buick Park Avenue?

This problem was very much noticed on old GM vehicles.
The car will start fine and runs fine,then suddenly it quits running.You have to wait few minutes and it will start again.But after some time same problem repeats.
Next time it doesnt start see if it fires with starting fluid..At least this way you will have it narrowed down to either a fuel or spark problem depending on if it starts or not.
The possibilities for this problems are faulty ignition module,problem with ignition coil packs(dirty or worn out),problem with both crankshaft and camshaft sensor,dirty throttle valve or problem with mass air flow sensor,etc etc.
This possibilities needs to inspected.

But in some cases this problem was noticed due to faulty fuel injectors.
These older GM vehicles have alot of problems with injectors shorting out when hot causing a no start.
Because injectors short out when warm causing computer to disable all injectors.
SO next time when it wont start disconnect each injector one at a time to see which one allows it to start when disconnected, then replace that injector.
This details will help,to confirm the problem.


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