Horn and Cruise control quit working on 2003 Jaguar S-Type?

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There are many other users too facing the same problem on Jaguar car models.
It can be relay problem or fuse problem or shorted ground or clockspring problem.On some car model the Airbag warning light comes on as an indicator too.

Make sure that all the fuses and electrical relays in the fuse box/glove are intact and properly working.
See the diagram below:----
The Horn got a relay(R3) located in the relay section of the fuse box under the hood.
F26 colour: blue
Fuse allocated for Horn.
For Cruise Control Fuse you need to check the following series of fuses:
(Both are located in the passenger fuse box).

The horn , cruise and air bag light are all related to a bad clockspring assembly .There is a part called a clock spring located in the dash board and it controls both the horn and the cruise control. you have to check and replace that part to make the system work.
Where is the clock spring?
The clockspring is located on the end of the steering column just below the steering wheel. The wiring for the items on the wheel are routed through the 'clockspring' so they wind and unwind as the wheel is turned. The airbag is included in this wiring so be careful if you mess with it and remove fuses.You can change one of these yourself, but be very careful, as mentioned before the airbag circuit is in there and the 'spring' can become 'unwound' and you will have a mess on your hands. If in doubt, take it to a pro.

This details will help.Thanks.

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