Why brake lights only work when car is off?

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Common problem,noticed many times,in many car models.
A defective brake light switch will disrupt the signal to all the brake lights,check or replace this switch. its located on top part of brake pedal arm.If you suspect your brake light switch may be faulty, check the fuse to be sure there is power going to the switch before replacing the brake light switch.
Some vehicles only allow the brake lights to work when the ignition is turned on and control this via a relay which may have failed so the function is reversed allowing them to work only with the ignition off. Relays can 'weld' their contacts together causing them to become non-operational.Check in the central (if so equipped) fuse/relay box; if you are lucky the cover will have a diagram of the fuses and relays.If so, locate the relay for brakes, check the part number on it, exchange it with the same part number from a different function and try (while parked) to see if this has cured the problem by turning the ignition on, tapping the brake pedal to see if they now respond.If so, the original brake relay is bad.
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