Car door lock Actuators?

In vehicles with power door locks ,it uses door lock actuators.This actuators helps to close the door and open the door as per remote key fob signal.
Door lock actuators are located below door latch of car.In some cars this actuator is a unit of door latch itself.

Now a days in latest car,the door lock actuator are manufactured with an electric motor.In this actuators gear set is used to move a control rod to activate door lock. In this system there are series of gears,that act as a gear reduction to move a rack and pinion flat gear. The actuator motor runs in both directions depending on the use of the switch to lock and unlock the door latch.Buy branded actuator ,when it needs to be replaced.Local non branded parts will not last long,Aftermarket parts are cheap,but they don't last long. Original branded parts are costly,but they functions well and last long.

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