Riding Mower battery is not charging?

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There could be a number of conditions that account for this problem. If your battery is bad...it will not take a charge. You will need access to a volt meter. Start the mower...(May have to jump it off), then with the volt meter, make sure that power is getting to the battery. If you have charge going to the battery, then your battery is bad and wont recharge. You can also have the battery tested for free at advance or auto zone. If you do not have power going to the battery, you will need to check all electrical connections for corrosion and proper conductivity. Your unit likely has a magneto charging system and a voltage regulator rather than a generator. You may want to determine which you are equipt with to determine what components are involved in the charging process. You can do this by providing the model # of your unit to the local dealer that services your make.

This basic details will help.

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