Saturn Car Blower motor Only works on High?

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Very common problem,noticed on many car models.

Sounds like your blower motor resistor is bad. The resistor allows different speeds of the fan other that full 12 volts (which is the high speed). The resistor is located on the passenger side on the heating housing assembly behind the glove box (kind of). It somewhat difficult to get to. 

The blower motor resistor provides different settings for your blower motor by biasing. You can replace it. 
Here are the steps -
  • Remove the dash pad.Take the 2 (7mm) screws out of the top of the dash pad that is front and center. Some models Saturn's have them screws on the passenger side. There will be a little cover you need to pry up with a tiny flat head screwdriver first to access the screws.

  1. Now, starting from one corner, your going to pry up on the upper dash pad. A big screwdriver or panel remover. Panel removers work best in my opinion but a screwdriver will work.
  2. Now the dash pad should be up and lose.Pull the dash pad right on forward/up and out.
  3. Now remove that foam pad. it comes out nice and easy.
  • Now to remove the defrost duct.Remove the (2) 7mm bolts off that long black plastic bracket.
  1. Now there are two clips at the base of the duct. You only need to release one and then you can pull up on the duct and with some wiggling it will pull up and out.
  2. Now look strait back in there (under the metal frame a nit on top) you will see a stand alone connector. That is your blower motor resistor.
  3. You need a 5.5mm socket in 1/4" drive for the two screws.
  4. Remove those headed screws. 
  5. Now you can lift that resistor right on out.Disconnect the connector. There is a little tab to lift up on.
  6. Now the old one is out and a new one can be put in.
  7. Now reverse these procedures to finish job.
  8. This details will help you.Thanks.
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