How to replace front lower turn signal bulb on 2000 Buick LeSabre?

You must remove the plastic panel under the front bumper for access. There is a series of plastic retainers around the edge of the panel that must be removed. Pull out on the center portion of each retainer to unlock the retainer for removal.
Turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove.
To remove the front turn signal bulb you have to remove the headlight assembly to get at it from the top, not the bottom.

For this removal  you need a 10mm wrench (check your local hardware store) to remove the two nuts holding the headlight in place. Once the nuts are removed, pull the headlight out; you will now be able to reach into the space beneath where the headlight was to access the blinker bulb assembly.

There is one more procedure without removing headlight lamp and that is as follows :------
It is extremely simple task,just remove the right three push-pins under the front fascia (where the black plastic bottom close-out attaches) and change the bulb that way. Taking out the headlamp is much more difficult,but in some cases its necessary. The push-pins ("rose-buds") have a rod that pulls out and the pin simply can be removed without breaking it. Now reach up to the connector and make about a quarter turn to the right. Then  pull the bulb down and replace it. The procedure takes few minutes.

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This will help.

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Two things can disable the AWD system, and that's an ABS fault, or the reardifferential solenoid. If there are no other lights, then the ABS probably isn't disabling it, because in order for the ABS to disable it, it would have to set a fault code and turn on the ABS indicator. That leaves us with the rear differential solenoid. Inside that solenoid is a temp sensor and when it reads the fluid it too hot, it will disable the AWD system so it can cool back off. The problem is that the sensor fails and reads hot all the time, keeping the system disabled, even when cool. Get install a scan tool and verify that the system is disabled due to over temp before replacing, because if I remember correctly, the solenoid is about $250 and you will need to buy a $25 bottle of fluid to top it off (even though you only need about 1/4 of the bottle).
On rare occasions, we see a corroded terminal at the pass through connector underneath the vehicle, behind the drivers seat. They can fill up with water and corrode the terminals and sometimes the terminals get corroded at the solenoid itself, but most of the cases the solenoid is faulty.

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