How to replace heater matrix on a vauxhall combo 1.7 diesel van?

Vauxhall  van heater matrix replacing

First locate the matrix area.The general rule is if you can see the matrix from the side it will usually come out from the side.
But if its not seen then dash has to be off to remove the matrix.

For Vauxhall Combo the procedure starts here:-----

1) First of all unclip gear stick gator.Its very simple just  will unclip around bottom.
2) Now leave this on the gear stick loose.
3)You will need to use a Pozidriv screwdriver to unscrew the screw under a small flip off cover in front tray of consul.
4)Once these is done then  push it forward until it comes loose them carefully maneuver it with pushing the gator through the hole so it will remove. 
5) Next comes screws removal.There are 5 screws .A 5.5mm socket to undo five small screw bolts on the bottom of the heater matrix surround,(three on right, two on left.).
6) Once the screws are out, it will allow the two covers to be slide out into the passenger footwell(left).
7) except these 5 screws there are  two other screws holding a side cover,take this off too(drivers side).

HALF THE JOB IS DONE ..................

8) Next comes hoses.There are two rubber hoses from heater in bulkhead under the bonnet.
Remove those hoses.
9) Hoses are clipped by  a pair of clips.Use a pair of pipe grips that will remove the clips, make sure you to slide clips well back, even around corners of hose, this will make pulling hoses off easier.

NOTE:---- Battery and radiator reservoir removal is not necessary but for more room easy removal of battery and radiator reservoir makes it easier if you have time.

10) Once the hoses are out the heater should flip down and out .
Remove it carefully,sometimes its bit hard,in that case jiggle it around until both copper pipes are free of holes,this should be done from left hand side,(passenger Side).

Re-installation procedure in reverse.

A genuine vauxhall heater would cost approx $200 .

Its suggested to buy original product instead of aftermarket part.These is said because aftermarket heater is not of exact size ,so the performance will differ then original.

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Front Seat Heater Wiring Diagram

1998 Mazda millenia front seat heater Wiring diagram

Seat heater not heating well or no heat at all.

It can be faulty heater controlling power relay or the issue with wiring.

I suggest first go with the wiring diagram and test the wiring for its perfect connection and no loose connection or short in between.

Seat heater Mazda wiring diagram

 Mazda wiring diagram

For SEAT HEATER RELAY location diagram

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Trunk will not close all the way

Lincoln Town Car trunk will not close all the way down,it will just make some clicking noise, but will not go down.

Inspect the bottom hook of the trunk,it should raise up when you hit the keyfob.

And in the same way it should go lower too,when you hit the keyfob.

If there is no movement to the hook,then it seems the issue with motor,which moves the hook up/down.

As per our garage repair experience with other car models,

The most common cause of the problem you are having is a defective Luggage compartment lid solenoid. Before replacing any parts, I do recommend proper testing first.

Go through the details explained below:-----

The Luggage Compartment (TRUNK) Lid Release Is Inoperative/Does Not Operate Correctly

Normal Operation And Working Of Trunk For 2009 Lincoln Town Car

First the power is required to the trunk lid.That comes from a battery.The battery provides power to the fuse.
  • The Battery Junction Box (BJB) fuse 8 (20A) provides voltage for the power lock/unlock system and to the luggage compartment lid latch (on vehicles without power luggage compartment lid release). 
Next the voltage to the Trunk switch.
  • The voltage is supplied to the Driver Door Module (DDM) through circuit 1213 (WH/LB). The luggage compartment lid release switch receives voltage from the Central Junction Box (CJB) through circuit 1524 (DB). When the luggage compartment release switch is pressed, voltage is supplied through the switch to the DDM through circuit 26 (WH/VT).


So how the system works for both case

  • For vehicles not equipped with a power luggage compartment lid, the DDM supplies voltage through circuit 605 (RD) to the luggage compartment release solenoid, releasing the luggage compartment lid. The luggage compartment lid release solenoid is grounded through circuit 57 (BK).

  • For vehicles equipped with a power luggage compartment lid, the DDM sends a ground signal to the Liftgate/Trunk Module (LTM) on circuit 1237 (LG/RD) to open or close the luggage compartment lid.

Other very important details about trunk system working:----

The luggage compartment lid release switch is disabled when the perimeter alarm is armed.
Once the perimeter alarm is disabled, the luggage compartment lid can be released from the release switch.

DTC B1553 (Decklid Release Circuit Short To Battery) — a continuous and on-demand DTC that sets when the DDM detects a short to voltage on the luggage compartment lid release switch input circuit 26 (WH/VT).

The DTC is also set if the luggage compartment lid release switch is pressed for longer than 2 minutes.

DTC B2718 (Liftgate/Decklid Ajar Output Short to Battery) — a continuous and on-demand DTC that sets when the DDM detects a short to voltage on the luggage compartment lid release output circuit 605 (RD).

DTC B2703 (Open/Close Switch Stuck Active) — a continuous and on-demand DTC that sets when the LTM detects a short to ground on the open/close input signal circuit 1237 (LG/RD).

So to confirm the issue with Luggage compartment lit not operating properly,its suggested to inspect and test these components.

Wiring, terminals or connectors
Luggage compartment lid release solenoid (part of the luggage compartment lid latch)
Luggage compartment lid release switch


See the DDM to trunk lid switch location diagram:----

door module switch

Luggage compartment wiring shown in the next diagram

Lincoln trunk

These details will help.


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How to replace Fuse Box on Ford

Ford F150 Fuse box panel replacing procedure

Fuse box going faulty is very rare,but on some cases its fuse box that causes the problem.

Sometimes the fuses in the fuse box gets shorted or drains the battery or gets no power even though the wires are intact and fuse are good.

So its advisable to replace fuse box

The weakest point in the system is the fuse box , due to how Ford makes them --the part is $220 and you can pick it up from any dealer ---

Now the fuse box replacing details:---

To replace it you have to remove the lower panel under the steering column
ford fuse box
then on the back of the fuse panel there is two big connectors held in place by 10 mm bolts in the center of them --take them off
fuse panel removal
then remove the four bolts on the front of the fuse box that hold the fuse box to the dash , then slide the fuse box down and unplug the three connectors on the side of it
replacement fuse box ford
ford fuse panel
then the fuse box is out ---on the back of the fuse box is the GEM it is held in by one screw -remove the screw and pop it off and put it on the new fuse box , then install the new fuse box
ford fuse

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