Working of Headlight switch?

There are basically two types of headlight switch.
Manually operated switch and automatically operated switch.
On old models cars mostly you will notice manually operated switch.
On new models,now a days latest cars,they use automatically working head light switch.

On some car models,the head light switch is also used as dimmer switch,So when the headlight switch button is twisted the instrument panel lights will go dark to dim or dim to dark.But now a days some cars have separated dimmer function from headlight switch.They have given separate button/option for dimmer switch.This was done because,in some cases when dimmer function fails,then whole head light switch was to be replaced,but if this dimmer function is separate,then in that case no such problem occurs.If dimmer function stops then only dimmer button panel needs to be replaced.

On manually operating headlight switch,there is just two options.That is on and off.But in automatic headlights there are many functions that gets operated by headlights.There on,off and auto function.On AUTO mode,the head light will automatically turn off when not required.Some GM vehicles have a temporary on, this means that when turned to this position it will spring back to the off position when you let go of it.

On some vehicles the head light switch is used to enter the cars diagnostic mode.On old car models this functions were not there is headlight.
On older vehicles there is separate switch controls the high-beam lights it is on the floor (foot controlled) and newer vehicles use the turn signal lever (multi-function switch) to turn them off and on.

If you notice that your headlights are not functioning,then the headlight switch needs to be inspected.On older vehicles there were fuse and relays that controls the headlights.So first fuse needs to be inspected.
But on newer vehicle the headlights and other light functions of car is controlled by module.This module is called BCM.BCM means Body Control Module.If the BCM gets faulty,then also headlight will not function.The BCM also controls other cars electrical body functions.

Its noticed that automatic headlight switch last long then manual headlight switch.
But if any case you seem,problem with headlight switch,then one thing is necessary,that is branded parts.
Always buy original car parts or branded car parts,instead of local non branded auto parts from local car parts store.Branded parts are costly,but they last long.
This details will help.Thanks.

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