OBD code P0172 on Buick Park Avenue?

Code P0172 is noticed due to few possibilities.
A bad mass air flow sensor, a vacuum leak, or low fuel pressure.
First this 3 possibilities needs to be inspected.

First start by inspecting fuel pressure.If its checked low, then problem is fuel pump and clogged fuel filter.Its not necessary,but its advisable and good to replace fuel filter,when fuel pump is replaced.But if fuel filter looks good and its not worn out then only replace fuel pump.
If fuel pressure checked ok, then you need to inspect vacuum leaks.The vacuum lines and vacuum hoses needs to be inspected.If any of line or hoses is worn out ,cracked or broken .Then that is the problem.But if vacuum is also checked ok, then MAF sensor also known as mass air flow sensor is the problem.

In some cases this problem causes due to faulty oxygen sensor.But first try other possibilities,if all checked ok,then inspect O2 sensors.

This will help.

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