Car door will not close?

On car there are many closing doors.This all closing doors have same working procedure.
The door types on cars are car hood, entry exit doors, trunk door, glove box door and center-upper console doors.In all this door systems,one thing that gets faulty or worn out is door latch.
All this door uses latch,to get close and open.If door latch gets faulty,then door will not close completely.
Door latches contain a locking device that allows the user to lock the operation of the latch. On the opposite side of all latches is the "striker".This striker is a part where the latch holds onto when closed. You can say,when you close the door,the door latch holds the striker and when you open the door,the door latch gets released out from striker.This is how door latch mechanism is designed.It hold the striker within the latch clasp.
Door hinge,door latch,door striker are important parts which helps the door to open and close properly.If any of this gets faulty or worn out the door will not get closed/shut properly.
Read below to know its working and troubleshooting procedure.
Now when you release the clasp in the latch ,you will notice that the striker is free to move.And this allows the door to open.If door latch is not functioning properly,then striker needs to be first inspected. For the latch to work properly the alignment of the striker is crucial. If the striker is checked OK,then door latch itself has to be checked.If the latch is not aligned properly the latch will stick or not open/close.
Now if you confirm that striker and door latch both are in good condition then other possible part that can cause problem is hinge.The hinge is located on the opposite side of the latch. If these hinges gets loose then the striker will be out of place causing the striker to be in the wrong location and this can impair the latch operation. If you notice hinge is not functioning well,then you can apply lubricants to make its movement free.If you notice all latch,striker and hinge looks good,but still the door is not closing right,then there is dirt issue.Some s clogging/blocking the door closing assembly parts from moving properly,clean the hinge,latch and striker parts and then inspect the door closing operating.

In case if Door latch is cracked or got worn out,then it has to be replaced.To replace door latch,the door panel has to be removed from inside.This will let you access the door lock latch.
The door lock latch gets pushed back/front by activation rod.If you notice that door latch is stuck up hard,this indicated activation rod is also blocked.In that case you need to manually push the activation rod,to move the door latch.The inner or outer door handle will fail not moving the activation rod that connect to the latch release. This will result in latch operation failure. In both cases the inner door panel, must be removed to activate the control rod manually. To remove outer door handle no need of removing the inner door handle.
This troubleshooting tips and detailed procedure will help you to trace and confirm the problem.
So you can go for repairing or replacing the parts as required.
Always buy original car parts or branded car parts,instead of local non branded auto parts from local car parts store.Branded parts are costly,but they last long.
This details will help.Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for providing this information. I think I may have to have my door repaired. And I second about buying the branded car products, always superior!