Automatic transmission will not go into high gear?

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Many car users notice this same problem,the car will shift to first and second,but will not go in third,forth or fifth gear.In some case,it just remains in first gear and will not shift further.

It sounds like it might be in "limp" mode. This is where the transmission control unit detects a problem and then places the transmission in 2nd gear in order to protect the transmission and still allow you to "limp" into a shop for repairs.
Is the engine light on? If so, then you should take to a shop, the dealer, or find a parts store in your area to scan it for codes. Many parts suppliers like Autozone will scan you car for free. Most of the time this kind of issue is due to a bad input or output speed sensor on the transmission.
These sensors are what the control unit needs to read in order to determine when to shift. If the signal is lost, the controller gets confused and to keep the transmission from being in 2 gears at once the controller defaults to 2nd gear so you can still get it to a shop. The reason this is done is because if you were ever in 2 gears at once, it would be a catastrophic failure for the transmission.
If the check engine light is ON,then first scan for error codes.At autozone,its free to get car scanned,to retrieve codes.
This basic troubleshooting details will help.
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  1. car is idling high when im up 65 or 70 miles per hour

    1. sory frıend ı have stıll same problem lıke you how you fınd a solutıon can you explaın that Any directions, comments, suggestions would be appreciated.