DTC Code P0321 on Buick Park Avenue?

As per code P0321 if you notice misfire and TCC getting locked problem then this indicates problem with ignition system or PCM( power control module).

PCM needs to be tested to confirm the problem.It can be tested at proper car garage.
If PCM check out faulty,then replace it.Get new PCM.Don't get old one repaired or rebuilt,that don't last long.Original OEM PCM is advisable.

But if PC checked out ok,then it Sounds like a failure in the ignition control module. This is a common problem on this engine. Check the connector at the igniton control module first, and check electrical connections at the battery and ground connections below the ignition coil bracket. If the connections and ground look okay, replace the module. The igntion control module is located under the igntion coils.
Test voltage at ECM fuses with the key ON while the problem is present. If voltage is less than Battery voltage then the problem is in the ignition switch.

This details will help you out.To confirm the problem.

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