Vehicles Instrument gauge flutters and go out?

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This problem is noticed by many car users.That gauge lights comes on,then just flickers a bit and goes out.Again if car is turned off and turned ON,the gauge lights will come but will again go out.

Normally this is caused by the instrument cluster momentarily losing power.So first get the battery and alternator tested to verify the alternator output is not low and to verify the battery amps are not low. If there fine then you need to remove the cluster and clean the connectors on the back to make sure its not a poor connection. If it continues then the issue is inside the cluster with the circuit board.There are basically some auto repairs shop in each areas locally which deals with instrument cluster board repairs,First you can try to locate the local shops dealing with cluster board repairs,but if your cluster board tested majorly faulty,then it has to be replaced.In most of the cases its minute short in cluster circuit board and local car cluster circuit board repair techs can repair this fault.
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