Vehicle door panel components?

On the door panel there are few components like door switch,window switch ,door light connection,manual operating door switch,Audio speaker and internal door Handel.
The door light helps you to know when your car door is open.If you notice that your car door light is illuminated,then this indicates,that car door is not closed properly.
The window switch on the door panel,gives power to window motor.The window motors spins forward and reverse to close/open the door window.
The electric door switch controls electrical power to the lock solenoid actuator controlling the door to be locked or unlocked.
The manual operating door switch is used for manually locking/unlocking the door.On manual door lock switch,there is a icon marked with lock and unlock sign.This help you to know the door is locked or unlocked.
Door Handel is used to pull door from inside to close the door.The door handle controls to door latch which holds to door shut.
This are the components on door panel and its functions.
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