Spare tire is not getting released on Dodge Caravan Sport?

Removing spare tire,is sometimes very frustrating.In most of the cases it just comes out easily.

This spare tire is attached to the vehicle by two ways.
1) Tire is attached by only bolts.
2) The tire is attached by bolts  including nylon strap.

If its attached by only bolts then, you just have to use proper socket wrench to loosen the bolts.Use a long pry bar of even a 2x4 and see if you can pry it free from the underside of the van.
Once the cable unwinds, there is nothing else holding the tire in place so it should pop loose with a little gentle persuasion.
But if the spare tire is attached with bolts including nylon strap then,You will need to cut off the plastic piece in the center of the wheel and allow the tire to drop and then you can access the bolts holding the winch in place in order to replace it.

This details will help you to remove the spare tire from your dodge vehicle.


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