Error Code P0471 on 2007 Dodge Ram 3500?

Obd Error code P0471.This code indicates towards issue with Exhaust pressure sensor 1 performance.

This sensor needs to be inspected and replaced.
The pressure sensor is located at the front of the head next to the thermostat housing.

It is the sensor that appears to be mounted in the in coolant pipe with a stainless pipe outboard of it going to the rear of the exhaust manifold.
HINT:--There is a tiny hole in the head that goes from where that stainless pipe joins the head, to the sensor. Because this hole is so tiny it quite often gets plugged with soot so use a small drill bit to clean it out.
If all else fails, you will need a sensor, but the plugged hole is the most common issue seen in this cases.

To clean the sensor:---
Remove the exhaust pressure sensor and inspect the tube from the exhaust manifold to the sensor for any obstructions such as excessive soot / carbon. Clean out the tube as necessary. Also inspect the orifice / chamber in the cylinder head between the pressure tube and the exhaust pressure sensor for any obstruction. Clean out the orifice / chamber as necessary.

The above mentioned detail will guide you,to confirm the problem.

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