Fuel leaking in front of right rear wheel on Buick LeSabre?

This problem is faced by many car users.Bit of inspection is required.

Basically this type of problem  is caused by either the fuel feed line from the fuel tank leaking fuel or the fuel return line leaking fuel both at where they connect from the tank to the pipes leading to the engine.
They both have seals inside them that seal the hoses to the pipes,these seals tend to fail after time and the short hoses need replaced.
You will have to have the vehicle examined under the car in this area to locate which of the two are leaking and then that short hose replaced.
The charge for this is usually less then $50 for the new hose and less then an hours labor.This should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any fires and for proper engine operation.
Most of the time it is the fuel return hose coming down from the tank to the pipe connection.
This details will help you.

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