Instrument panel works intermittently on 2006 Buick allure?

When ant connection is loose or shorting or any circuit component or board is weak the instrument cluster panel works intermittently.It suddenly works fine and in next movement stops working.
In some cases lights flashes then cluster turns off.

This all problems are indication of problem with cluster board.
You are looking at either a bad cluster or a bad connection where it plugs in. You can start by removing the cluster checking it for anything obvious, reinstall it and see if it does any better, you might find that the problem will go away but it might also quit entirely. In which case of course it would need to be replaced.
The labor to swap it is Approx 45 minutes and the part cost is about $250.
You have to remove the cluster to do it which requires taking the dash apart.
In some cases you see,moisture gets collected on the circuit board and it gets bit wet and such problems occurs.In that case dry the cluster board using hair dryer and then reconnect the connections and see ,if it starts working.
But if there is no moisture collected and no connection is loose then its cluster board issue and that has to be replaced.
This will help.

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