All power door locks not working on Honda Accord?

If all power door locks are not working then possibility is there,that door switch is faulty,or door relay is faulty or door motor is faulty or door lock actuators are faulty.

So first thing to confirm the fault,you depress the door lock switch and see,if you hear motor humming noise or not.All door locks have there motor.Hear the motor noise.
If you hear motor running noise from all doors,this indicates,that door lock motor is working,if motor is working when switch is depressed,this indicates switch is also working.If switch is giving power to motor,this clears,door lock relay is also fine.The possibility remains is faulty door lock actuator.But all 4 door lock actuator going bad at once is very rear,but yes in some case its seen.
But in case if you hear no motor noise when switch is depressed,then it's faulty motor or may be faulty switch.In that case,use voltmeter or 12 volt test light to test the voltage at switch and motor to confirm the fault.
This details will help you to confirm the fault.

Always buy original car parts or branded car parts,instead of local non branded auto parts from local car parts store.Branded parts are costly,but they last long.
This details will help.Thanks.


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