Car not running smooth when accelerating at high speeds for going uphill?

While going uphill,you need to accelerate high,then only car goes forward.
If you notice car getting rough or not driving smooth and car not driving fine while uphill.Then first inspect the fuel.Is it low or is it full.If its very low, then get the fuel/gas filled then check.
But if the problem is same as before then other possibility is faulty or weak/dirty spark plugs.The spark plugs needs to be inspected,if dirty,clean the plugs and check.But if spark plugs are worn out,then it has to be replaced.
If spark plugs checked out to be good then its torque converter issue.To confirm this check transmission fluid condition if it's burned you may have a failing torque converter.
Replacing spark plugs is about half an hour job and it costs about $100 to $120 for spark plugs.
Torque converter is 8 hour job and about $500 in parts so depends on labor.How much time the mechanic takes,the labor cost exactly depends on that.

This above mentioned details will help,to confirm the problem.

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