Car runs hot in Traffic?

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This problem is very much noticed in many car models.The car engine gets hot,while driving in traffic or if car stops in traffic for long hours.
Sounds like perhaps the electric fans are not working. The fan(s) run only when the tempurature reaches a certain point. When you are sitting at a traffic light, you are not moving through the air and therfore you have no air moving through the radiator to cool the hot fluid inside the radiator. This is a situation where the electric fan would start up in order to cool the engine when there is no air movement otherwise.
Causes: No power --- check the fuse for the radiator fan and replace if blown. If it blows again then something more is wrong that needs to be diagnosed.
Temp sensor is no longer functioning --- Check the temp sensor for connectivity when hot (on some cars you can simply jump the switch and see if the fans run)
Fan(s) are bad --- Apply 12 volts to the fan power lead and see if they run. If they do then something else is blocking or not transfering the normal power to the fans, like a relay or control module. ( more diagnostics needed here)
It depends on how mechanically inclined you are. If you feel comfortable doing these kinds of tests then go for it. If not, perhaps a nice "good reputation" shop might be your best choice.
getting this possibilities checked/inspected will help you.
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  1. my Nissan Pathfinder is going though alot of antifreeze and is over heating part in my drive way it will take 5 to 10 mins then i have to shut it off because it gets to hot it also does it going down the road i don't know what it is need help please

  2. I hve water comming in my passager side on to the floor in my Cadillac 2003 cts, why

  3. Probably backed up ac drain.

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