Car headlight bulbs don't last long?

Car headlight bulbs,basically have good life.But some times this headlight bulbs don't last long.This is due to few possible reasons,Getting this possibilities inspected will help you to confirm the fault.

First things,is what quality,bulb you use.If you are using,non branded cheaper bulbs then this can be one reason.If you are using non compatible bulbs ,by local auto parts then this bulbs don't last long.The quality of this bulbs is not very high and this causes the problem.
Always use branded quality bulb/lens for car head lights.This branded or OEM bulbs have good brightness,this are exactly made for your car and this bulbs lasts long.Yes agreed,that this branded bulbs are bit costly then local non branded bulbs,but you get good results from original car parts,then aftermarket car parts.

But if the bulbs are of good quality and still,this headlight bulbs are not lasting long,then other possibilities for this problem is bulb socket ground connect is shorting or ground is not connected,this overheating the bulb and this is reducing the life of bulb.Check the ground circuit.
If grounds checked out ok,then its charging system problem,in that case Alternator can be the issue.The alternator could be producing excessive voltage.
Test the alternator voltage,test it with meter and test light.
If the alternator is checked ok,then possible option is faulty head light switch.
This switch  has wires going from switch to bulb socket.If this switch is shorting or weak,then this can cause head light bulbs to burn out quickly.

This are the basic possibilities,which can cause the problems.
Getting this inspected will help you to confirm the problem.

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