Ford Engine starts every time but shuts down quickly?

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Car starting and quits immediately problem is noticed by many car users.Basic car starting components maintenance service is required.
When you start it up don't completely release the key from the crank position, let off just enough to stop the starter, if the engine continues to run the ignition switch is defective, a common problem noticed on some ford car/truck models. This is not the lock cylinder but the electrical switch located down at the bottom top of the steering column that the ignition key cylinder actuates via a long steel rod.
Another possibility is Idle Air Control Valve.
The idle air control valve gets stuck. Take it off and clean it with carb cleaner and use a pick to open and close piston to loosen it up.Put it back on and then try starting.
It is not just the valve that causes problems, it is sludge from fuel blow back in the upper intake as well. Do the following to completely clean the system out. Also you should NOT have used carb spray, it destroys the anti stick Teflon coating inside the valve. Here is the procedure.
Buy a can of throttle valve cleaner (it is made by CRC) from the local auto parts store, spray it into the air intake through the throttle body of the engine until you have used about half the can, you will need to hold the idle up while you do this, it will try to stall, after this shut the engine down and disconnect the Negative (-) battery cable for 5 minutes.

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