Horn works only while turning steering wheel?

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Many car users noticed this problem.That horn stops working,but it starts working,when steering wheel is turned left or right. Basically a wire shorting issue.But need to be traced.

Sound like a short in the steering column, probably a bad horn contact. Could also be something wrong with your wiring... but probably the contact.

It's the horn contact on the brass ring. Mine does the same exact thing, slightly to the left and it works. Once you pull the wheel off, you'll see it. There is a small piece that's spring loaded that makes contact with the brass ring. You can try to clean it, and even stretch the spring, but it still didn't really fix it for me. I might just break down and get the parts and fix it right. Simple though, and you'll see everything once the wheel is off.

There is an easy fix no parts needed (generic procedure):
1. Remove steering wheel
2. Remove brass ring attached to the back of the steering wheel (three small phillips screws)
3. Reinstall brass ring with three small washers under the ring and tighten the screws.
4. Reinstall steering wheel.
5. Honk the horn to test and confirm

This details will help.
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