2010 Dodge 3500 Laramie will not start with the electronic key?

There are many recalls on this vehicle.

It all depends on the vehicle VIN number.
You will have to supply exact 17 digit VIN number to your dodge dealer and they will provide you the recall list for your vehicle.
Basically the problem which you mentioned is very much noticed by others too.
The problem faced by others is as follows:---

  • The dodge will start with remote starter button,but will not start with electronic key.
  • While starting with electronic key,the windshield wiper goes crazy.
  • The gauges go up and down while starting with electronic key.
  • Trailer brake box flashers CF and also this exclamation mark flashes "!" .
  • Knock Knock noise is hear from under the dash radio area.

This problems are noticed in many 2010 dodge 3500 models.
In many cases "Totally integrated power module" is checked out to be faulty.This is also called TIPM.
This is the procedure how your dodge Laramie starts.The procedure is as follows :---
Driver turns the key in the WIN or wireless ignition node which sends a signal to the TIPM or totally integrated power module, which sends the power to the power side of the starter relay and the PCM or powertrain control module supplies the ground to the starter relay circuit.
The TIPM is the module that gives power to the other output systems such as wipers, lights and trailer brake.

Basically on dodge there is 8 year /80,000 mile warranty on control modules that are emissions related problem which would be the pcm, and the cummins ecu and engine have a 5yr  or 100,000 mile warranty.Which ever comes first.

So first its advisable to provide the 17 digit VIN number to your dealer and confirm them about the recalls on your dodge engine model.

Then as per that continue your troubleshooting.
This details will help you.

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