Vehicles Electric Power Door Locks ?

Electric power door locks,this are also known as automatically operated door.This doors are operated by remote keyfobs.Without manually locking/unlocking door.The power door locks can be locked/unlocked by keyless remote.This remote functions by pressing buttons on the small device.This device is called keyfob.It can easily lock/unlock door within short distance from car.No need to come to the car and lock/unlock the door.You can press button on the key fob,when you are just bit away from your car,it will unlock the door and you just simply open the door.Many latest/modern car now a days just use this power door lock system,instead of normal,manually operating system.Where you have to use car key,to unlock/lock the door.

In this power door lock system,there is control solenoid.When you press the control switch on key-fob,the control solenoid gets energized and locks or unlock the car door.There are both option on remote key-fob.The control solenoid does which function you select on remote.

This power door lock system is protected by the fuse.This fuse is located in the cars fuse box.If you notice problem with no power to power door lock or its not working at all,then first thing to inspect in this case is door lock fuse.Inspect the fuse,if its shorted or faulty,then replace the fuse.The fuse is not at all a costly part.It can be easily removed and replaced.

Another possibility for power door lock not working is door lock switch.
On the door panel,there is door lock switch,beside the door lock switch,there is power window switch.
There is also a indicator light in the door system.When the door is open the door light illuminates,when the door is closed,the indicator light comes ON.This indicates,to check the door,If its open,then close it.
If the switch is checked ok,then inspect the keyless remote battery.If the battery is very old,then replace the battery and try using remote with new battery inserted.
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