Torque specs to Tighten axle nut on the front half shaft on Dodge Grand Caravan?

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The torque specs to tighten the nut is mentioned below :---

Tighten hub nut to 20-27 ft-lbs/27-34 Nm while
rotating wheel. Back off and finger tighten. Install
cotter pin.
We usually tighten as the specs say, back it off, and then finger tight and round to the next position that the cotter key can be installed.
The reason I add this step here is because you need to have some pre-load on the bearings. If you loosen the nut and then finger tighten the nut and can't get the cotter pin in, then sometimes folks will "back" the nut up (loosen) until the key can be installed. It is best to go the other way and slightly tighten to the next position that would allow the insertion of the cotter pin.
The front axle torque is simply 180 ftlbs. If it has a cotter pin lock then turn the nut tighter just enough to get cotter pin in if needed. Make sure the washer is in place, we have seen some of the stub-axles bottom the thread cut without the washer.
This details will help.

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