Toyota: Install Supercharger Kit?

The Description for Using 2005+ model Toyota Tacoma Super charger Kit on 2011 Toyota Hilux car model.

For your Information i will mention that
Australian Toyota Hilux 2.7L VVTI Workmate 2011 is the same as the 2005 and later model Tacoma in the united states.

Yes, the Toyota hilux is essentially the same vehicle as the Toyota Tacoma in the United States. The engines are the same. The only thing that might be slightly different would be the exhaust depending on the type of emissions controls or catalytic converters that are used in Australia vs. USA. The engines are identical. The engine compartments are identical. The only other thing I could think of that might be a minor issue would be because of the right-hand drive used in Australia. If you are handy and able to think outside the box then it should not be an issue to install.
Hope all goes well and it all works perfect.

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