2007 Dodge Dakota: Wheel Hop issues?

There are multiple possibilities that can cause this.

First check do you hear any noise.If yes then what kind of noise.
Any whining, roaring, growling,ticking,tapping or clicking type of noise.

OR no noise at all.

Other thing inspect where you feel the Wheel hop.In the front side area or towards the rear end area.,In most cases its noticed on rear end.

Also get the Wheels and tires inspected for any damage or worn out.

Mostly in this cases the brake functions right but wheel hop gets actually noticed when brake pedal is pressed.

In this case first try to put the transmission in neutral as well as in the gears.
And see if the Wheel hop disappears in any mode or  remains in both.

If you notice wheel hop in both neutral and drive mode then,

usually a rear end hop is caused by a problem on just one side.

Place rear end in the air on jackstands. Have someone place it in gear and accelerate until speedo is showing 60-65mph.

Watch the tires as he accelerates. You should see a hopping of the wheel on one side. Swap rear wheels - left to right and right to left side. If hop goes to the other side, then either a bent rim or belt separation in tire that is not always picked up on wheel balance.

If hop remains on same side, then the axle shaft is bent and will need to be replaced.

If, on rare occurance, both sides are hopping, then there is internal rear differential failure causing both axle shafts to move.

But if you try rotating the wheels and its not helping to diagnose the issue then mostly is bent axle issue.

since you have rotated tires front to back and no change, then we can definitely eliminate the tires/wheels as the source.

Depending upon how bent and where it is bent, you may not feel a bent axle until highway speeds.

In addition to the test I gave, if you have a dial indicator or can get one, remove the tires and drums and put the dial indicator on the hub and check for runout. Any runout over .005" of an inch will be felt as a hop. This also indicate bent axle shaft.

If all checks out ok, then I will suggest to  pull the axle shafts and inspect the inner ends for unusual wear patterns and check the spider gears and carrier for worn/missing/broken teeth.

This details will help.

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