ABS Wheel Speed Sensor?

The ABS wheel Speed Sensor Details, Working and replacing procedure.

There are many types of Sensors introduced in cars now a days.one of the sensor is ABS sensor.
The ABS sensor controls the Brake System of the car.The ABS brake system of  car functions with the help of  many sensors and electronic devices to control and activate the system.

Details about ABS sensor:-----
1) The ABS sensor Located on 4 Wheels of car.
2)On Some car models  Two ABS sensors are located on the Front wheels.And one is located in the rear differential monitoring the rotation speed of each rear wheel.
3) The main ABS controller also called as ABS module monitors the brake system pressure while the brake system is being applied.

What Problems to look When ABS System Stops Working?

The ABS wheel sensor is one of the most common failure issue in an ABS brake system.
Mostly When  ABS wheel sensor fails the red or yellow brake system warning light will start illuminating on dash.

How to Confirm whether the Problem is Wheel Sensor or Anything Else?

There are few basic procedures and methods to determine if a wheel speed sensor has failed.
Try this method:---
There is a Scan tool available at local auto parts store.This scan tool is used to retrieve error codes stored in ABS module.Attach a ABS system scan tool and retrieve the trouble codes. Once the code is discovered then this trouble code will help to determine which sensor has failed or any other part is failed.

Other Method is to remove the electrical connector from each wheel sensor. For this Method you will need a multimeter or voltmeter.Using a multi-meter test the ohms reading through the sensor to find the sensor that is either shorted or out of operating range.
If ABS sensor Voltage test is not helping to confirm the problem then try this Another WAY to confirm which sensor is faulty.

In this Procedure set the multi-meter to the voltage setting and now rotate/spin the wheel and record the voltage for each wheel.The Voltage should be Same for all wheels. While the wheel is rotating the meter should read a small amount of voltage depending on the speed of the wheel's rotation. The Wheel which shows low or more voltage is due to the malfunctioning sensor.
In this Above procedure First you have to  disconnect the wiring connector at each wheel. Once the wiring connector is disconnected  attach the meter leads to each of the ABS connector terminals that lead to the wheel sensor being tested.
Once the malfunctioning sensor has been located remove and replace the sensor.
To Replace the sensor remove the bolts holding the sensor.On some car models there are 2 to 3 mounting bolts and on some there are even 4 bolts holding the Sensor.
On some Some vehicles the ABS wheel Sensor is fitted inside the Wheel bearing HUB.In that cases the wheel and Bearing hub needs to be removed to remove the Failed Sensor out.

There is a Circular Stator ring around the Sensor.While Replacing the ABS sensor,inspect this Sator Ring too.If its damaged,then replace the Stator Ring too.

After the Sensor is replaced,the Vehicle will need few drive cycles to get the Sensor Detected.On some cases the Warning light will not go out till the new sensor is detected.On some car models the ABS module needs to be reset by SCAN tool to get the New sensor detected.

This Basic details will help to understand the Functions and working of ABS sensor.

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