2004 Toyota Tundra: Oil Gauge and Temp Gauge Not Working?

Both this Gauges topped working.

If both this gauges stopped working together then both these gauges actually have nothing in common.
The oil pressure gauge gets the ground signal from the oil pressure sending unit. They all receive the same input power and there are other multiple devices that feed off of the same power supply decide these two gauges.
 There is a technical service bulletin about  a ground screw issue on the back of the printed circuit board basically right in the middle of the circuit board that is been updated for 2003 through 2004 combination meter's. This normally is only causing unusual behavior with the indicator warning lights for the shifter and it normally is a P0705 malfunction code in the engine control computer. It may be worth pulling the combination meter and checking the screw to see if it's loose or if there's a problem there. It will be a long shot but might be worth looking at.
Otherwise the Sending unit and Temperature gauge Connections to the control panel needs to be inspected.

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