How to Manually Close the Sunroof On 2001 Lexus IS300?

The Sunroof is Stuck open,first press the Sunroof close button and see if you hear the motor humming/running noise.If you hear then its clear that most is most probably functioning.

The only way to get the roof closed manually is to remove the inner trim ring and pull down on the headliner enough to get to the bolts that hold the sunroof motor against the body. Once the motor is drop-down about 3/8 of an inch the gear in the drive motor will disengage from the two cables and this should allow you to slide the roof closed. If you have any map lights or sunglasses holder assemblies you may need to remove them in order to give enough play in the headliner without damaging the headliner to get to the bolts for the sunroof motor. Short of working the motor back and forth while trying to force the roof to slide as you coaxes along this is the only option.

Please Note:-----
By unplugged It doesn't mean electrically, you need to disengage the motor by unbolting the motor from the roof panel itself. This normally is a 10 mm socket ratchet and there are two bolts right by the motor and possibly one on the end of the motor. You will know soon as you pull the first two out directly at the motor because it will pop down out of the roof. This will free to cables up to slide provided the cables are not bound up because they are shredded. The roof should slide.

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