2005 Lexus SC430: Fuel Door will not open?

Fuel door not getting open,the first thing to be checked in this case is fuses.
In most of such cases its seen that Fuses are blown.

There are several fuses used in order to open the fuel door. The primary fuse is the 10 amp FUEL OPN which is located in the fuse box/junction computer in the luggage compartment area on the left side.
The 7.5 amp MPX-B3, 10 amp dome fuse, 7.5 amp MPX-B2 are located behind the right kick panel.
The 7.5 amp gauge fuse is located in the fuse box behind the left kick panel. If the dome light is working and the engages appear to be working normally you can rule out these last two fuses.

Inspecting this fuses properly will help you to confirm which fuse is shorted and causing the problem.

Hope All goes well.

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