1989 Toyota pickup: Running Lights Not Working?

The problem with rear running lights not operating.

If can be fuse issue or the problem with Headlight switch itself.

First check and confirm this.

Check the fuse for the tail lights.
Also see that  front marker lights work OR its not coming ON.
Also try to hear the relay click noise. Can you hear the tail light relay click on when the switch is turned to the tail light position.

Just Locate the relay and see it if is clicking while someone turns the lights on.. This will rule out the headlight switch and so you can test other possible parts.Please note that  the head light relay is different from the tail light relay.

The tail light relay is just above the 15 amp tail light fuse in the left kick panel fuse box.

Just check this relay and inspect the fuse.If they are old/ rusted and shorted/ blown.Then i suggest replace it and see if that is helping to get the Rear running lights working Again.
For testing the fuse make sure there is 12 volts to the fuse.

BUT if you get 12 volts towards the fuse and the relay gives proper click when lights are turned ON,then its the issue of wiring and not the relay or fuse.
To confirm its wiring issue just check this way:-----

Probe the backside of the fuse on both sides of the fuse.

Check properly that the taillight relay is clicking when you turn the headlight switch to the taillight position.
Also If it is clicking then you should not have 12 V at the taillight fuse.If this is the case the Fuse panel is issue.

This can only mean that there is a problem in the junction block. The power feed that feeds the 10 amp fuse also feeds the relay coil winding. When you turn the headlight switch to the on position for the taillights this also supplies power through the relay to the 10 amp taillight fuse. If you have no power to the fuse this means something in the fuse box or the relay itself is not supplying the current to the fuse. Double check your relay and make sure it is the correct one and is working. Make sure there's no corrosion in the fuse box itself.If it all checked ok,then problem is Fuse panel itself.

To confirm this try this way:----

If you pull the fuse are any of the 2 pins in the box getting power?

And Try same with relay also.

Pull the relay with the key on do any of the pins have power?

If you get power to one pin at relay side and get power to the fuse pins then its faulty fuse panel.

Replacing the Fuse panel will help.

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