2005 Lexus GX470: Speedometer works Intermittently?

Known issues on Lexus vehicles.
The odometer works fine but Speedometer not working properly
The speedo is not completely stopped,but it functions occasionally.

The first thing in this cases is check if you get any kind of steady or flashing warning light coming on dash.
If you see and continuous flashing or steady warning light coming up on dash then there are error codes stored in your vehicles computer.scan the Engine module to retrieve codes.This codes will point you out towards the fault.

BUT,if there is no check engine light coming up or no other warning light is noticed,then the only way this speedometer can stop working is if the needle itself in the speedometer head is bad. If the odometer does not quit this means the speed sensor input to the back of the speedometer is working correctly. And the signal over to the engine control computer has to be functioning otherwise you would have a speed sensor codes set in the engine control computer and the malfunction warning light would be illuminated. There is some type of mechanical issue going on with the needle itself.And this same problem is noticed on other lexus vehicle models too.So getting the needle and speedo head inspected is worth.

You  have to remove combination meter out and have the speedometer head sent out for repair or replacement. The old speedometer would be needed in order to calibrate and set the same odometer reading on the new one.

This details will help.

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