1994 Toyota LandCruiser: Insert Joints to the Drive Shaft Forks?

Replacing Spider At the Rear Propeller Shaft.

To Replace Spider :-----
If it is frozen or stuck throw the clamping press away and get the torches out and cut through the joint and then tap the caps out towards the inside.

Now doing this will just leave you with the forks.
Get the new spider in between the forks.

On this model there is circlips but there is no channel for the circlips in the fork holes.

If there are no grooves in the forks then it has to have the joint with the inside c-clips.

If there are no grooves in the forks, then you will  have the joint where the 4 end pieces come of the plus shape piece.

The caps should have grooves on the inside edge by the rubber seals.

Once the 4 yokes/forks are clean insert the joint into the drive shaft forks then insert one cap in the fork and slide the joint into the cap to keep the needles in place. Then press the cap and joint in and beyond where it needs to be so when you install the cap on the other side the joint will side back and fort between the 2 caps with out the needle bearings coming out or being off the end of the joint. Then press the new cap just put on the fork on making sure the joint is still sliding back and forth smoothly between the 2 caps. Then install the one C-clip in the groove just behind the boot seal and continue to press the opposite cap and joint until it hits up against the c-clip. Then install the other c-clip. If the joint is to tight install on of the other caps on the joint and tap it back and forth to free it up. The repeat the whole process over to install the forks of the yoke.

This details will help.

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