1996 Toyota RAV4:Front Strut Inserts?

Sorry to Say,1996 model don't use Strut inserts its a one assembly part.

The only thing that is available is the strut. They do not make inserts for the strut housing as they did back in the 80s. You can purchase just the strut assembly you do not need the spring and strut top. Some places like to sell the complete assembly.

To confirm this
Lift the boot up on the strut and see the top of the strut housing where the shaft goes into it.
That bottom spring seat is welded on to the housing.

In some cases you will notice strut making noise.To confirm this get the bounce test done.
The struts do not normally make noise. If they pass the bounce test then check the strut tops. Some times the rubber in them rattles when it gets hard. Also check the stabilizer links for play. These are known to make noise over bumps.

This details will help.

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