Toyota Celica: Cooling fan Shuts OFF and Idle Drops?

The 2002 Toyota Celica.The Engine running lean.There is no intake leak issue.The Error code states P0171.
All other possibilities tested OK.
In that case The injectors needs to be checked.Are the clean or dirty.If dirty then run a Lucas Injector cleaner and see if that is helping.

Also it can be clogged fuel filter causing the engine to run lean/ rough and idle drop.

The fuel filter can be an issue however it is in the fuel tank mounted inside the pump assembly. Normally when the filter gets restricted it will cause a loss of power on acceleration. The temp sensor is not likely the issue. If it is not operating normally it will set a code in the computer. The cooling fans use a different sensor and the idle control motor may just be gummed up. Try cleaning the throttle body and IAC Idle Air Control motor. This may help the idle and recover after the fan. Confirm the timing chain timing and then check the fuel pressure and volume. The only other option is to have the injectors professionally cleaned. It is worth a try before you replace them. PS Bosch O2 sensors do not work to well in the Toyota engine. DENSO is preferred.So if you are replacing the O2 sensor,then its advisable to use Denso Sensor Products.

This details will help.

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