1995 Pontiac Grand AM: Will not Start?

The Engine turns over but not start.
Already replaced parts to resolve the issue.
The Fault was detected for spark plugs and Ignition system.

After replacing Ignition module,Spark plugs and coils the Engine turns over but will not get start.

This types of issues are very common on many care models.

The parts replaced are not getting properly aligned and replaced.

Not much you can do wrong on this set-up. Take it back apart and make sure the coils are plugged in securely and make sure that the harness connectors are secure and no pinched wires.

If ok, then you have a defective ignition module out of the box, which if aftermarket is not that uncommon.
At our Auto repair garage we see and notice this things happening lots of time. Many a times new aftermarket parts dont support and replacing it with another parts starts up.

Remove module and return for another one.

Hope this helps.


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